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Contact our tech support team by using:

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+1 (650) 360-09-10 San Francisco, CA, US
+44 (208) 068-82-50 London, UK
+61 (28) 520-39-25 Sydney, Australia

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How fast will I get response?

On the average, it takes from a few minutes up to 1 hour to process a tech request. Solving complex and multicomponent questions can take up to 1-2 days. High rate users enjoy shorter processing time.

CRM is compatible with external services (telephony, SMS, mail clients, etc.) by default.

If you do not edit fields in object profiles and resort to default settings only — you are extremely unlikely to experience any trouble with integrations/export. 

If you adjust the system settings — you should also make all the relevant changes in integrations settings following the Wiki instructions we provide. 

Do not hesitate to contact our tech support team. You will always get the fastest response possible depending on our workload and your company rate. 

We will always do our best to solve your question the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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INTRUM CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system.