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Activity notifications

Go to Main menu — Settings — CRM — Activities. 

Select activity type and go to tab "General settings".

Tick the box shown below to display new activity notifications to supervisors each time a new activity is initiated by any user:


Reminder notifications in additional fields

Reminder notifications are available for any fields of type "Date"/"Time". Set reminder notifications depending on the date/time.

Activate frequency to show reminder notifications recurrently on schedule (for example, every year — for contact birthday):


Who will see notifications?

By default, reminder notifications are destined to users supervising the CRM object that contains the fields involved in notifications. You can also set notifications visible to the group, to which the supervisor belongs:


Customized reminder notifications

You can add customized reminder notifications to the calendar and attach CRM objects to them, setting these notifications visible to certain users. Read more about notifications.

Reminders in various objects profiles

You can also set reminders in the profiles of the following CRM objects:

  • contacts;
  • activities;
  • deals;
  • objects;
  • tasks:

The CRM object you are creating the reminder for, will be attached to the reminder:

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