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Can I Get CRM Box Version?

Not yet, unfortunately. Although we are considering box version introduction, APRO CRM is only available as a cloud solution for the moment. The box version is bound to be comparatively pricy, which apparently makes the cloud solution cost-efficient. Besides, our cloud solution is recurrently being upgraded with new features and functions — without any change in the price. The box version will be upgraded on a fee-paying basis.

CRM is an online SaaS service hosted by cloud servers in large data centers in Russia and Europe (depending on the client location). SSL protocol ensures secure data transmission. The data undergoes recurrent backup. Data and server access is strictly limited and is only available to the engineering department management. Access rights distribution is permitted to your administrator only.

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INTRUM CRM is a SaaS cloud solution and is hosted by our servers. The CRM is flexible and can adjust to your business needs. You will be getting all the necessary assistance from your personal adviser while using the system.